UC Irvine scientist: Climate change policies not working fast enough

Quelle: SCPR 09.01.2013

A scientist at UC Irvine is calling for greater urgency in the effort to control greenhouse gases.

In a study published in Environmental Research Letters, earth systems scientist Steven J. Davis and three co-authors said carbon emissions are growing faster than ever, prompting them to re-think a strategy on reversing climate change.

“After eight years of mostly delay, the action now required is significantly greater,” the paper concludes.

The only way to significantly slow global warming is through innovation in the field of energy production, they said. They call for new approaches that will support the development of carbon-free energy on a massive scale.

“Doing so would entail a fundamental and disruptive overhaul of the global energy system, as the global energy infrastructure is replaced with new infrastructure that provides equivalent amounts of energy but does not emit carbon dioxide,” they write.

That's in direct opposition to a theory of "wedges" popularized nearly a decade ago, when climate scientists began framing their thinking around the idea that global carbon emissions could be kept in check by a series of small steps.

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